Notice of audit



                                    NOTICE OF CONCLUSION OF AUDIT



               FOR THE YEARS ENDED 31 MARCH 2020 & 31 MARCH 2021


Public Audit (Wales) Act 2004 Section 29

                             Accounts and Audit (Wales) Regulations 2014


  1. The audit of accounts for the BLACKWOOD TOWN COUNCIL for the years ended 31 March 2020 & 31 March 2021 has been concluded.

Annual Return for year ending March 2022

Annual Return For The Year Ending 31 March 2021

Accounting Statements 2019-20 For Blackwood Town Council

  1. The annual return is available for inspection by any local government elector

for the area of the Blackwood Town Council on application to:

John Hold

Clerk to the Town Council

Heddfan, 12 Aspen Avenue


NP12 1WW

between 10.00 am and 3.30pm on Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays),

when any local government elector may make copies of the annual return.


  1. Copies will be provided to any local government elector on payment of £1.00 for

each copy of the annual return.


John Hold

Clerk to Blackwood Town Council

Dated:  28th.  March 2022